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Information Center is a portal site specially created for overseas Koreans to build an online network for all Koreans and friends. The website is in Korean, English, and Russian. It runs on PC, tablet, and mobile devices, making it easy and convenient to use., the center of the integrated network for overseas Koreans is a two-way communication venue for the exchange of information and cooperation between Korea and overseas Koreans. Get information on various support programs, online training, and events that are offered for overseas Koreans, and receive feedback on unsolved complaints.

▷ Applying for support offered for overseas Koreans offers various programs such as financial aid, invitations, scholarships, and public competitions for overseas Koreans. It also offers online homepage publishing and operation services for overseas Korean organizations.
▷ Handling civil services for overseas Koreans handles various civil services that overseas Koreans need such as those related to military affairs, taxes, nationality reinstatement, health insurance, and consular affairs. These services can be requested in Korean, English, and Russian. Answers to questions and other information about various civil services is available in the website.
▷ Delivering news related to overseas Koreans from all over the world delivers the latest news about overseas Koreans from around the world right on the spot. Read their stories about how they live, work, and dream, and check out what they’ve achieved in various areas.
▷ Providing chances to receive useful information, from online training to events
To help overseas Korean live abroad, offers a variety of useful information including free online learning services like office/IT training, specialized education, and employment/job news. There are many opportunities for participation and prizes, as well as to share news on overseas Koreans and overseas Korean organization.