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2020 OKF Homecoming Program For Overseas Korean Adoptees

2020 OKF Homecoming Program

For Overseas Korean Adoptees

1. Introduction

 The Overseas Koreans Foundation (OKF) is pleased to invite overseas Korean adoptees and their children to our new Homecoming Program. This program is to help overseas Korean adoptees explore and have better understanding of Korea and maintain long-lasting connections with Korea and Korean communities around the world. We look forward to seeing you in Korea.

2. Overview

1)Dates: November 9th (Mon) to 14th (Sat), 2020 (6 days and 5 nights)

2)Location(s): Seoul and other regions (TBA)


▶ (A) Overseas Korean adoptees aged under 45

▶ (B) Children of overseas Korean adoptees aged under 45

* A guardian MUST accompany children aged under18 in both cases of (A) and (B)

(As for guardians, there is no age limit for participation.)

▶ (C) Accompanying persons of above participants

(One participant can bring one accompanying person only.)

a) Guardians of participants aged under 18 (in both cases of (A) and (B))

b) Legal spouse of participant (A) or (B)

c) Adoptive parents of participant (A)

▶ (D) Others

a)Representative(s) of organizations for adoptees, who will supervise the adoptee participants

b)Those who have recommendation letters either from the Embassies/Consulates General of ROK or from other organizations and institutions for adoptees

4)Number of Participants: 250 persons

5)Programs: Social activities, cultural experience, historical site visits, etc.

*Please refer to the tentative itinerary for more details.

*NOTE: The OKF may cancel the program, if COVID-19 outbreaks continue.

3. OKF Financial Support

* Please be aware that for legal spouses, the OKF covers participation fee, meals and accommodation (1 room for one couple) only.

* No other expenses than the aforementioned will be covered.

4. Application Guideline

1) How to apply

▶ Fill out the attached application forms(including Appendix 1-6) and submit them to the Korean Embassies/Consulates General of your residence

*Also, please send your essay (Appendix6) to the OKF (via E-mail:

*Make sure all your contact information is accurate. (We will notify you with the selection result, programs and other important announcements via e-mail.)

2) Submission Deadline: until June 6th (Sat), (midnight, KST)

(Please submit your registration at your earliest convenience.)

3) Required Documents

▶ Application form (including a photo, 3*4cm)

▶ Essay: Free topic (Length: half of an A4 or US letter-sized paper), (Appendix 6)

e.g., about yourself, about your thoughts on Korea, about your suggestion to the Korean Government, etc.

▶ Documentation release and liability release (Appendix 4 and 5), *signed by the applicant

▶ Consent form for collection and use of personal information

▶ A copy of passport

* All documents must be written either in English or in Korean.

* Submitted documents will NOT be returned to any applicants whether selected or not.

5. We will select invitees in the following order:

▶ Joint participation of an overseas Korean adoptee and his/her child(ren)

(*that may include an accompanying person)

1)All of the applicants have NOT visited Korea

2)Some of them have NOT visited Korea

▶ Individual participation of an overseas Korean adoptee or a Korean adoptee’s child

(*that may include an accompanying person)

3)The applicant who has NOT visited Korea

4)The applicant who is recommended by the respective Embassy/Consulate General or by relevant organizations and institutions for adoptees

*And any other cases that the OKF considers eligible

6. Selection Process

▶ Documents reviewed by Korean diplomatic offices (in June)

▶ OKF Committee/board meeting for participant selection (at the end of June)

▶ Announcement of the participant selection (by early July)

(*to selected participants individually and through the diplomatic offices)

*Participants should:

- book flights

- send RSVP

▶ ‘2020 OKF Homecoming Program for Overseas Korean Adoptees’ begins (in November)

7. Contacts

▪ Overseas Koreans Foundation

Manager: Jiwon Han / Assistant Manager: JiHyeon Jo

55, Sinjung-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea, 63565

Phone: +82-64-786-0212/0213/0214, Fax: +82-64-786-0249, E-mail:


2020 OKF Homecoming Program for Overseas Korean Adoptees

November 9 (Mon) to 14 (Sat), (Tentative Itinerary)

Nov 9th
Day 1
• Registration & Check-In
• Orientation & Small Group Arrangements
• Opening Ceremony & Welcoming Banquet
Nov 10th
Day 2
• Ice-breaking and social activities
• Talk Concert, etc.
• Field Trip to Seoul - Part I
- City tour, historical site visits, tasting Korean street food, etc.
Nov 11th
Day 3
• Field Trip to Seoul - Part II
- Learning Korean language and culture, historical site visits, etc.
Nov 12th
Day 4
• First-hand Cultural Experience (Other city) - Part I
Nov 13th
Day 5
• Field Trip to Seoul - Part III
• Closing Ceremony & Farewell Banquet (Luncheon)
Nov 14th
Day 6
• Participant Satisfaction Survey
• Check-out