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Services for Overseas Koreans

Are you experiencing financial difficulties in maintaining your website? provides our webserver space for free to support overseas Korean organizations.
You will also be provided with access to’s secondary domain.
You can see more info about the menu by going to the website (Korean).

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Web Hosting Overview

With the OKF’s web hosting service, you will be provided with a certain amount of space of the webserver operated by the OKF for free to maintain your website without installing your own webserver. You will also be offered with advice and technical support.

Elements of Web Hosting
Elements of Web Hosting
Domain The address you enter in your browser’s address bar to access a website
Web Server The space on the web a website is hosted
Name server The server that connects the domain with the web server’s IP
What is a name server?
The name server converts the domain name to an IP.
We use a domain to access a website because a domain name is easier to remember than an IP address. However, the computer needs to find the IP address assigned to the domain that the user entered to access the website, and the name server makes this possible. Name Server Name Server
Primary Name Server Secondary Name Server
Name Server Information Modification Guideline
At least two name server values (secondary and primary) shall be entered for each domain.
Modifications to the name server are not applied right away. You will see the changes applied within 2 to 3 days through “Domain Search.”
Name server modifications are applied within 7 days, depending on the root server update and name server’s cache. You might also experience difficulties in accessing the website until the application is completed after making a modification.
Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits
Reduction of system construction cost - Authentic brand server and storage equipment
- Router, exclusive line cost, and server administrator labor cost
System operation - Wide range of website templates and skins to choose from
Features - Statistics through the web log analysis
- DB management through SSH and FTP
- Gigabit optical network connection
Security - Prevention of security incidents with the firewall, intrusion protection system, and web firewall security system.
Overseas Korean organizations with a website in operation You will be able to use the global domain of (http://domain in addition to your existing domain (, .org, etc.). You can also access the webmail service through your existing domain (jonhdoe@your existing domain).
Overseas Korean organizations in need of a website You will be provided with a website and a domain for free. You will also receive support in the use of various web services on your own.
General Web Hosting Configuration
Category Linux Hosting Window Hosting
Overview Web hosting is low cost with a free operation system, and RedHat is provided through a Unix system structure. A new operation system to resolve the inconvenience of DOS by Microsoft
OS Linux Windows 2008 Server
Webserver Apache 2.X IIS 7.0
Data Base My-SQL 5.X MS-SQL 2008
Script Language PHP 4.X ASP 2008
Commonly supported language Perl, Html, JavaScript, Flash -
Pros Stability, open source, cost saving Easy interface, compatibility, IIS upgrade, and patches
Cons Difficult to install High cost
Supported services
Supported services
FTP(file transfer account provided) SSH security shell provided
MySQL DB provided with the account E-mail Account (POP3) provided
Exclusive use of image links including untrustworthy commercial sites is prohibited Apache 2.X , PHP 5.X, MySQL 5.X
CGI unavailable Data Management(Webfile data, Database data)
Back-up Service

The data of your website will be automatically saved on the back-up server according to the OKF’s back-up policy and cycle to provide for contingencies such as server error.

  • Daily back-up Server data is backed up every night.
  • Compatibility
  • 24-hour operation
  • Data safety
  • Weekly back-up Server data is backed up every week.
Security service
Security service
Firewall service Firewalls not only filter out high-speed traffic inflow, but also block harmful traffic in real time by analyzing protocols and packets.
Intrusion detection and blocking This function detects and blocks network and application attacks and service vulnerabilities that are not filtered out by the firewall.
Web firewall service Protection against web server attacks, customer data leakage, injection attacks, and website falsifications that exploit web service vulnerabilities.
DDOS Clean Service Distributing Attack Service Defense that plants denial-of-service (DoS) tools on multiple computers to attack specific sites, sending huge amounts of packets at the same time
Security server SSL Encrypts the personal information transferred between the user’s computer and the web server using the SSL certification installed on the web server
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