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‘Immortal Lights’ Will Be Lit on the 20th to Commemorate the 55 Fallen Heroes of the West Sea
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs

• MPVA will hold a lighting ceremony at the Daejeon National Cemetery's Memorial Plaza on the 20th (Wed) at 7:30 PM with Minister Kang Jung-ai, families of the West Sea Defense heroes, and about 50 attendees.

• 55 lights symbolizing the 55 heroes, and three large light pillars representing the three West Sea Defense incidents will illuminate the sky... Lights will be on from the 20th to the 22nd, every evening from 8:00 PM to 8:55 PM

• Minister Kang Jung-ai: "The 55 heroes of the West Sea Defense are 'Immortal Lights' that will always live in the hearts of our people. We will strive to ensure that families and veterans take pride and future generations remember their sacrifices."

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