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MOFA Spokesperson’s Statement on Japan’s Authorization of a Middle School Textbook
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The government of the Republic of Korea expresses deep regret over the Japanese government's authorization on April 19 of a middle school textbook containing preposterous claims over Dokdo, and absurd and false accounts regarding the issues of “comfort women” victims of the Imperial Japanese Army, forced labor victims, and Japanese colonial rule. The ROK government calls for an immediate correction.

As it has done previously, the ROK government strongly protests against the fact that the Japanese government once again authorized a textbook containing its preposterous claims over Dokdo, which is clearly an integral part of the ROK territory historically, geographically and under international law. The ROK government makes it clear that any such claims by Japan over Dokdo are entirely unacceptable.

Furthermore, the ROK government strongly emphasizes that the Japanese government’s authorization of a textbook full of content that glorifies Japan’s past mistakes - rather than apologizing for and repenting of them - not only runs  counter to the trend of improving bilateral relations between Korea and Japan but also is an irresponsible act of allowing the provision of education of distorted historical perspectives to the young generation.

The ROK government is deeply concerned over the prejudice that the young generation of Japan, who will shape the future of not only the bilateral relations but also Japan, may come to have if and when they are exposed to such biased and distorted education of history. The ROK government hopes that the Japanese government will squarely face history and take a more responsible attitude in educating the young generation.