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KCCs in 16 countries to host 11 leading concerts, exhibitions

Korean Cultural Centers (KCC) in 16 countries from this month through January 2025 are conducting a support project that promotes Korean content overseas. Shown is the exhibition "Hangeul Design Project" on June 6, 2023, at the KCC in Berlin organized by the National Hangeul Museum of Korea. (KCC in Berlin)

By Hong Angie

Eleven leading concerts and exhibitions featuring Korean content will be held in 16 countries from this month.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on June 7 announced that 17 Korean Cultural Centers (KCC) in 16 countries will take part in a support project from this month through January next year to promote high-quality Korean content.

The program seeks to connect and support leading culture and arts groups seeking to tour or perform abroad through KCCs worldwide.

This year, 17 KCCs in countries like South Africa, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Hong Kong, Osaka, Japan, Belgium and Sweden will host the 11 concerts and exhibitions.

The first event is the media art exhibition "Bandi Walk" through Aug. 30 of the Asia Culture Center Foundation at the KCC in South Africa. Under the theme "One Step Closer to Our Earth," this display seeks practical methods to overcome the climate crisis.

On the occasion of the Korea-Africa Summit, the exhibition is being held as an exchange featuring the works of both Korean and African artists. The event from October will continue in the UAE.

In Japan, the exhibition ''Far, Far Side of the World" from the Seoul Museum of Art will be held. Four contemporary Korean artists will display their interpretations and understanding of changes based on historical and geographic characteristics in three cities -- Tokyo, Hong Kong and Osaka -- through photography, sound and video.

Other events include concerts to celebrate the upcoming Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris. The Heart to Heart Orchestra, which is comprised of musicians with developmental disabilities, will perform classical music in Belgium and France under the theme "Beyond Diversity, Toward Inclusion."

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yong Hoseong, who heads the ministry's International Cultural Affairs and Public Relations Office, said, "In 2025, we will brand the KCC support program as 'Touring K-Arts,' and greatly expand its scale in adding not only performances and exhibitions but also lectures and educational programs on Korean culture and history."

The exhibition "Traditional Decorative Knots, Maedeup: Donated Works by Lee Bu Ja" at the National Folk Museum ran from Sept. 9 to Nov. 6 last year in Seoul. (National Folk Museum)