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Korea and Malaysia to kickstart CCS cooperation
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Director General for Energy Policy Choi Yeon-woo met Malaysia’s Deputy Secretary General for the Ministry of Economy Luqman Ahmad on June 10 in Seoul to discuss carbon capture and storage (CCS) cooperation between the two countries.

The meeting between the Korean and Malaysian CCS policy officials was arranged on the occasion of their participation in the Shepherd CCS Summit, organized by Samsung E&A.

Addressing the importance of CCS in achieving the nationally determined contributions (NDCs), Director General Choi requested the Malaysian Economy Ministry’s active support and interest towards establishing the public-private joint Shepherd CCS Project as a global anchor project.

Both sides agreed on the need for a bilateral agreement on cross-border transport and storage of CO2 between the two countries and decided to further intergovernmental discussions while factoring in the two countries’ institutional conditions, as well as related international rules and agreements.

During the presentation session, Korea and Malaysia’s government officials called attention to CCS policies to the participating representatives of the two countries' industries, academia, and research institutes. MOTIE introduced Korea’s CCS industry nurturing policy and highlighted plans for securing key technology and talents, nurturing specialization companies, creating markets early on by securing domestic and overseas storage sites, and fostering a sustainable ecosystem.