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KTO offers foreign tourists up to 80% off travel events

The Korea Tourism Organization through July 31 offers tourism packages and services specifically for foreign tourists under a promotion for the VK (Visit Korea) Alliance of company products and services. Shown are foreign sightseers clad in Hanbok on May 1 posing for photos at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. (Yonhap News)

By Wu Jinhua

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched a promotional event for domestic tour packages and services specifically for foreign tourists.

The KTO on July 8 said the event for Visit Korea (VK) Alliance products and services for international visitors runs through July 31 on the website Visit Korea, the integrated platform of domestic tourism.

The event mainly targets Generation Z from overseas ages 10-30 and those interested in Hallyu (Korean Wave). A combined 5,000 people can get up to 80% off tourism products and services such as lodging, communications, transportation, makeup workshops and K-pop dance classes.

Giveaways are also part of the promotion. Visitors to the website can receive stamps after clicking the product banners and checking details of the 12 member companies. Those who get all 12 stamps are entered into a drawing for prizes including roundtrip airfare to Korea.

The KTO in April selected 25 member companies of the VK Alliance to attract travelers from abroad and promote joint projects with related organizations. Twelve member companies including Ktown4u, Cointravit and the National Gugak Center will participate in the latest event.

This is the promotional banner for the VK Alliance event on the website Visit Korea. (KTO)