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National team uniforms for Paris Summer Olympics unveiled

Artistic gymnast Kim Hansol (left) and pentathlete Kim Sunwoo wear the national team uniforms made by the domestic fashion brand Musinsa Standard to be worn at the opening and closing ceremonies of this year's Paris Summer Olympics. (Musinsa Standard)

By Gil Kyuyoung

The national Summer Olympics team on July 8 unveiled its uniforms to be worn at the opening and closing ceremonies in Paris.

The uniform has a "belted suit setup" using wall blue, which has a calming feel, to represent the east and a youthful and enterprising spirit.

The top and bottom were made of summer wool due to the hot temperature in Paris. The lining of the blazer has blue and white porcelain designs, and the belt is a stylish reinterpretation of a leg band worn with traditional clothing of government officials.

Team members will also receive a cool T-shirt, white sneakers, and a silver pendant necklace with a Taegeuk pattern. The blazer, T-shirt, slacks and sneakers each have the logo "Team Korea" to reflect the squad's identity.

Athletes and coaches will wear the uniforms at the team's inaugural ceremony on July 9 at Olympic Hall of Olympic Park in Seoul hosted by the Korea Sport and Olympic Committee, and pledge to do their best in the competition.

The designs of the uniforms for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics and photo shoots of the athletes are available on the website of Musinsa Standard, a Korean fashion brand (https://www.musinsa.com/app/showcase/lists).