Demand Survey on Support Programs for the Future-generation Overseas Korean adoptees

Demand Survey on Support Programs for the Future-generation Overseas Korean adoptees

The Overseas Koreans Foundation conducts the demand survey on “2022 Support  Program for the Future-generation Overseas Korean Adoptees” as follows, please refer to the attached documents for the details.

1.Purpose of the Program
▪ To promote the rights of the future-generation overseas Korean adoptees and to enable them to Successfully settle down in the countries where they are living in
▪ To establish a sense of Korean identity for overseas Korean adoptees and create ethnic bond
▪ To enhance mutual exchange and a sense of solidarity between overseas Korean adoptees  through building and promoting networks

2. Projects in Major Priority
▪ Legal support/advice for non-citizens/those seeking citizenship(U.S. only)
▪ Local conferences, seminars, public hearings, and campaigns to promote rights of overseas Korean adoptees
▪ Projects conducted by overseas Korean adoptee organization to revitalize network, strengthen solidarity and foster identity
▪ Projects targeted to overseas Korean adoptees to establish a sense of Korean identity and creating an ethnic bond
▪ Exhibition and performance involved with Korean adoptees
▪ Cooperative exchange activities between Overseas Korean (organizations such as Associations of Korean Residents, Korean language schools) and Overseas Korean adoptees (organizations)
▪ Archive construction project of Korean adoptees
▪ Online contents(video, contribution, etc) that can be used for contents

3.Demand Survey Schedule
Application Period(organization): 2021.11.08~12.17.(10days extension) (Korea Time)

4. Application Procedure  
1) Register for Membership
※ Please refer to [appendix 3] for details
2) Fill out application form and submit it online via online application system(
- Modification is not allowed after the application period
- Attached documents without separate forms must be prepared and attached according to the circumstances of each organization and project, and there may be disadvantages in the case of omission of the attached documents
3) Print the application form and all the attached files submitted online(Signature of organization head required), and submit the documents to the diplomatic office.

5.Contact Information
▪ Overseas Koreans Foundation, Assistant Manager: Juyeong Koh
   55, Sinjung-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea, 63565
   Phone: +82-64-786-0227, +82-64-786-0213
   Fax: +82-64-786-0249


붙임 1-1.(Notice)2022 OKF Support Program for Overseas Korean Adoptees.pdf 붙임 1-2.(공고문)2022년도 차세대 해외입양동포 지원 사업.pdf 붙임 2-1. Matters to be observed to execute the grant.pdf 붙임 2-2. 재단 지원금의 집행 준수사항, 집행방법 및 사용불가항목.pdf 붙임 3. Koreannet Membership Registration Guide.pdf 붙임 4-1. Online application user guide.pdf 붙임 4-2. 온라인시스템 이용 방법.pdf