2024 GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) Application Guidelines for Graduate Degrees

2024 GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) Application Guidelines for Graduate Degrees

- The Graduate School of Korean Studies, The Academy of Korean Studies -

1. About the Graduate School of Korean Studies
The Graduate School of Korean Studies is an affiliated institution of the Academy of Korean Studies(AKS), which is funded and administered by the Korean government. It was established in 1980 to nurture scholars contributing to the development and globalization of Korean studies, through a liaison between the AKS’ research capacity and graduate education.
As a research-oriented institution in the fields of humanities and social sciences pertinent to Korea, the Graduate School of Korean Studies has maintained its commitment to the highest quality teaching and research through eminent professors’ close mentoring of students for the past 45 years. Our graduates are playing pivotal role in the various educational and research organizations of Korean studies around the world with their academic excellence.
Currently, approximately 200 students are enrolled in the Master’s and doctoral degree programs at the institution, including about 100 international students from 25countries.

2. Recruitment of 2024 GKS(Global Korea Scholarship) Grantees
The Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) is a scholarship program supported by the Korean government and implemented by the National Institute for International Education(NIIED). By providing international students with opportunities to study at higher educational institutions in Korea for graduate-level degrees, GKS aims to enhance international education exchange and deepen friendship between Korea and participating countries.
The Graduate School of Korean Studies, the Academy of Korean Studies, has been selected as one of the designated Korean universities which applicants can choose to study for their Master's or doctoral degree program with the support of GKS.

3. Programs Offered and Period of Scholarship

Period of Scholarship
Master’s Degree
3 years (2024. 9. 1. ~ 2027. 8. 31.)
1 year of Korean language program + 2 years of degree program
Doctoral Degree
4 years (2024. 9. 1. ~ 2028. 8. 31.)
1 year of Korean language program + 3 years of degree program

4. Available Fields of Study

Korean History, Diplomatics and Bibliography, Philosophy, Korean Linguistics·Korean Literature
Culture and Arts
Anthropology·Folklore, Religious Studies, Musicology, Art History, Cultural Informatics·Human Geography
Social Sciences
Social Sciences Political Science, Sociology, Education
Global Korean Studies
Korean Cultural Studies(Only available for a Master’s degree program)
4 Divisions
13 Majors for Master’s Degree / 12 Majors for Doctoral Degree

ㅇ For detailed information on the curriculum of each major, please visit, click 대학원 소개(Introduction to the Graduate School of Korean Studies), 전공 안내(Majors), and select a division and a major of interest.

ㅇ An academic year consists of two semesters and courses are provided for 15 weeks per semester. A spring semester begins in March, a fall semester in September.

ㅇ Most courses are taught in Korean, while courses in Korean Cultural Studies major are provided in English.

ㅇ Depending on the field of study in which a doctoral degree program applicant majored for his/her Master's degree, admissions can be restricted. Please refer to the [Attachment] for the recognized similar fields of study for the applicants of doctoral degree program.

5. Number of Candidates to Be Recommended to the NIIED

ㅇ Maximum 15 candidates (Maximum 4 candidates from one country)

6. Selection Timeline

Selection Procedure
Dates (Korean Standard Time)
University Track
Application Deadline
Wed 3 Apr 17:00
Application documents should be sent by registered mail.
Announcement of the Interviewees List
Tue 16 Apr 17:00

Video Interview
Fri 19 Apr
Via zoom
Announcement of Selection Result
Wed 1 May

Embassy Track
Video Interview
Fri 24 May
To be conducted via Zoom for successful candidates of 2nd round of the Embassy Track
Announcement of Selection Result
Fri 7 Jun

※ The above schedule may change under the unforeseen circumstances.

Please refer to the attached files for details.


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