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2020 OKF Invitation Program For Overseas Korean Adoptees(ENG)

2020 OKF Invitation Program
For Overseas Korean Adoptees(ENG)

  • 1. Introduction
    The Overseas Koreans Foundation (OKF) which supports 7.5million overseas Koreans is pleased to invite Overseas Korean adoptees and their children residing abroad to Homecoming Invitational Program. Through this project, we hope to assist overseas Koreans adoptees by imbuing them with a sense of familiarity, better understanding of Korea. This will provide you an opportunity to experience Korean culture and mingle each other.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • 2. Brief Outline

  1) Duration: Aug. 18(Tue)~23(Sun), 2020 (6 days/5 nights)

  2) Location: Seoul and other cities *(To Be Announced)

  3) No. of Participants: 250 overseas Korean adoptees and their children

  4) Contents: Opening Social activity, cultural experience, visiting historical sites, etc.

※ Please refer to the tentative itinerary for details


3. Eligibility: Overseas Korean adoptees and their children who have not previously visited Korea

 ◦ Overseas Korean adoptees between 18-45 years of age

 ◦ Children of overseas Korean adoptees (under 45 years of age)

※Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian

  • 4. OKF Financial Support

Overseas Korean Adoptees 

(between 18-45 years of age)

Children of OKA

(under 45 years of age)


-  Round-trip Ticket(Economy Class)
   OKF will reimburse expense to participants within OKF standards with reference to GTR(Government Transportation Request).
   * OKF will not cover against any excess charges incurred.
-  Reimbursement will be done during the program.
   * Copy of tickets and passport is should be submitted
-  If case of stopping over in areas outside of residence for personal reasons, the area nearest to Korea will be considered as starting point
-  Boarding dates up to two weeks before and after the program will be accepted


-  1 room per 2 people (share with other participant)
-  If sole occupancy is desired, 50% of expense will be charged.
   *Payment in person

Participation fee & Meals

 -  The OKF will cover the full expenses for participants

- The companion is permitted only if he/she is a legal spouse. Any charges of his/her “Airfare” and “Accommodation” incurred will be at his/her expense. 

   (Participation fee & Meals will be complementary.)  
- In case of accompanying guardian(s) of participant(s) under the age of 18, the same “OKF financial
   support” applies to the guardian(s). (airfare, accommodation, participation fee & meals)
- No other expenses apart from those aforementioned will be reimbursed.

5. Application Procedure

 ◦ Application Method

1) See the attached application form and fill out completely
2) Submit the documents (including supplemental materials) to Korean Diplomatic office
    ※ Essay(appendix6) should be sent right after submitting to Korean Diplomatic Office to OKF( for review
    ※ email, phone number, and contact information must be accurate(Notification of selection results, important program announcements will be sent frequently via email)

 ◦ Submission Deadline : March 31, Tuesday 18:00 (KST)

*early registration is highly recommended*

 ◦ Required Documents

      - Completed Application Form (including photo, 3x4cm)

      - Essay(Appendix6): Free topic(Half of A4/Letter-size in length on a separate page)

        * E.g.) Brief introduction of yourself, Korea in my mind, My suggestion to the Korean Government, etc.

      - Signed Documentation Release and Liability Release Form

      - Agreement to Collect and Use Personal Information Form

      - A photo copy of passport

  * All application materials must be submitted in either English or Korean

* Documents submitted during the application process will not be returned regardless of the final outcome of the selection process

6. Preferred Participants

 ◦ Joint participation of Overseas Korean adoptee and his/her child,

     1) Neither have previously visited Korea

     2) Any of them has not previously visited Korea
 ◦ Overseas Korean adoptee or his/her child participating by him/herself,

     3) Who has never visited Korea before
     4) Who has visited Korea before by recommendation of diplomatic office or community of overseas Korean adoptees or adoption agency or for an event that OKF recognizes as a special occasion

  1. 7. Selection Procedure

 ◦ Reviewing the documents by Korean Diplomatic Office (Early April)
 ◦ OKF committee/board OKF open to select participants (In April)
 ◦ Selection Announcement for participants (In May)

  1.      - Results will be announced to selected participants individually and to diplomatic office

     - Booking a plane ticket (Doing personally by participants)
 ◦ Participants RSVP
 ◦ Arrival in Korea and attendance in program (In Aug)

8. Contact Information
 ◦ Overseas Koreans Foundation
   Manager: Jiwon Han / Assistant Manager: JiHyeon Jo
   55, Sinjung-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea, 63565
   Phone: +82-64-786-0212/0213/0214

   Fax: +82-64-786-0249