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법령 및 규정 게시글(코리안넷 | 재외동포민원 | 법령 및 규정)
[Consumer Rights] Agricultural/Livestock/Marine Product Consumers

The following document outlines various certification systems of which food product consumers should be aware, including the agricultural/livestock/marine product origin indication system, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification, the geographic indication system, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and eco-friendly agricultural/marine product certification. Food information search methods such as the traceability system are also discussed.

In addition, various report/reward systems that reward individuals who report food products that are of low quality or in violation of the origin indication system, etc., methods of settlement of disputes over food products, and methods of damage compensation are examined.

[Culture/Leisure] Protection of Copyrights

Korean nationals awareness of the definition of copyright and the necessity of copyright protection have considerably improved. However, not many realize the scope of copyright when using a creative work. So in many cases, people unintentionally use another person’s creative work without permission.

Therefore, the contents below provide comprehensive legal information of the rights held by a creator or author to prevent the user from using the creative work illegally or without the creator’s permission.

[Culture/Leisure] Use of duty free shops

Generally, a consumer pays value added tax, individual consumption tax, etc. when he or she purchases a product. However, when a consumer buys a product in a duty free shop, which is a bonded area selling foreign goods without customs clearance for the promotion of tourism, acquisition of foreign currencies, and facilitation of shopping for consumers, the consumer is exempt from the payment of taxes if the value or quantity of goods does not exceed an allowed limit.

[Civil and Criminal Process] Medical disputes

Medical dispute means a dispute in which a patient's life, body or property is damaged by an act of diagnosis, examination, treatment, prescription, preparation, etc. conducted by health and medical service personnel.

Provide time for doctor to explain the medical practice and accompany other family members or close medical personnel. Also, if a patient’s doctor agrees to record your initial statement, it is recommended that he record it.

[Civil and Criminal Process] Administrative Appeals

An administrative appeal is an adjudication procedure provided through an administrative appeals commission to grant relief from an infringement of citizens′ rights or interests. It may be requested by a person who has a legal interest in an illegal or unjust disposition by, or omission of, an administrative agency. Thus, the content of this section is intended to assist with requests for administrative appeals and the grant of relief by comprehensively providing information on statutes relating to administrative appeals, presenting categories of administrative appeals that are frequently requested, and introducing drafting examples of and item-by-item drafting methods for written administrative appeals for each major category.