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[Working/Labor] Wage

Information on minimum wage system, payment of wages, gurantees of wage payment and remedy for overdue wages

[Working/Labor] Dismissed Worker

"Dismissal" means that the employer terminates the work relationship unilaterally regardless of the worker's intention, regardless of the name or procedure it is actually called in the workplace.

If the employer dismisses the worker without justifiable reasons, the worker may apply to the Labor Relations Commission for relief.

[Working/Labor] Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance

Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance is a form of social insurance that pays industrial accident compensation insurance benefits to workers suffering from occupational accidents.

In order for a worker suffering from an industrial accident to receive industrial accident compensation insurance benefits, the business they are working for shall be a policyholder of the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance and the industrial accident shall be recognized as an occupational accident.

This document provides detailed information about industrial accident compensation insurance benefits such as medical care benefits, temporary layoff benefits, disability benefits, nursing benefits, injury-disease compensation annuities, survivors' benefits, funeral expenses, vocational rehabilitation benefits, etc. which shall be paid to workers suffering from occupational accidents by the Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service, and of rehabilitation support and aid.

[Working/Labor] Unemployment Benefits

Do you experience difficulty in making a living due to the lack of regular income while trying to find a new job? People who possess required skills and are actively looking for a job may be able to receive unemployment benefits. The said benefits are designed to help workers gain stability of their livelihood and make efforts to find a new job more efficiently.

This content examines ① job-seeking benefits, ② employment promotion allowance, ③ unemployment benefits for self-employed, ④ resolution of unemployment benefits-related problems, and provides information on relevant laws.

[Working/Labor] Retirement Plans

An employer offering retirement benefits to employees on a lump sum basis must pay an amount worth at least 30 days’ average wage for every year of continuous employment to retiring employees.

As for retirement pension plans, three types exist: defined benefit pension plan, defined contribution pension plan and individual retirement plan. A defined benefit pension plan is a retirement plan in which the employee receives a predetermined amount of benefits upon retirement. A defined contribution pension plan is a retirement plan in which the employer contributes toward an employee’s retirement a predetermined amount of money, corresponding to one-twelfth of the annual wage. An individual retirement plan is a program allowing an employee to transfer retirement benefits received upon leaving a job or retirement to an individual savings account, specifically designed for this purpose.