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Ministry of Government Legislation(MOLEG) provides practical law information services so that users may conveniently address the common legal issues that occur in everyday life, without the necessity of resorting to legal experts.
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법령 및 규정 게시글(코리안넷 | 재외동포민원 | 법령 및 규정)
[Social Safety/Crime] Victims of Domestic Violence

This document provides easy-to-find and easy-to-understand essential legal information focusing on victims of domestic violence to allow them to learn how to respond to domestic violence and where to find help to appropriately deal with the issue and recover from the trauma caused by domestic violence.

[Social Safety/Crime] Victims of Sex Crimes

The following contents will primarily indicate sexual violence and sex trafficking laws. Discussions will concern the scope and penalties of sex crimes, measures against sex crimes, protective measures and support for victims, and preventing sex crimes and their recurrence.