Support Services for Overseas Koreans

Department Tasks

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Support Services for Overseas Koreans
  • Auditing Bureau
    • Audit
    • Civil services general
    • Ethical management, external cooperation
  • Special Advisor
    • Construction of Education & Culture Center for Overseas Koreans, and support external PR
  • Planning Bureau
    • External cooperation
    • Budget and government and congressional affairs
    • Domestic and foreign evaluation and regulatory affairs
  • Management Support Department
    • Personnel and welfare
    • General affairs, contracting and archiving
    • Accounting, tax affairs and settlement of accounts
  • Department of Public Relations and Research
    • PR and press support
    • Overseas Korean communities survey
    • Development and operation of global Korean network
    • Operation of internal/external information system
    • Informatization including IT infrastructure operations
  • Division for Overseas Koreans Education and Culture Center
    • Education & culture center
    • Program development and operation
  • Bureau of Future Generations Affairs
    • Cultivation of future generation Korean leaders
    • OKFellowship program
    • Future generation vocational training program for overseas Koreans
    • Korean language school advancement program
    • Ethnic education and cultivation program in China and the CIS
    • Overseas Korean teachers cultivation program
  • Department of Exchange Affairs
    • Support programs for enlivening overseas Korean organizations
    • Support for long-cherished programs for overseas Korean communities
    • Invitational program for overseas Korean community leaders
    • Spread of Korean culture
    • Support program for Multicultural Vulnerable Overseas Koreans
    • Support program for future generation adopted Koreans
  • Hansang Business Department
    • Hansang network enlivening projects
    • World Korean Business Convention
    • Support for Korean youths to go abroad