Education Program

  • With the educational support of Korean language(Hangeul), history and culture, Overseas Koreans will inherit ethnic roots and identities as Koreans.

The OKF contributes to improving the educational environment of overseas Korean language schools by providing financial assistance for operating costs as well as operating the online Study Korean website that teaches Korean language, history and culture as well as provides Korean language teachers with support and online/invitational training programs.
Through our endeavor, we are trying to establish can promote effective teaching qualities for the teachers and help future generation overseas Koreans establish their identity through stimulating education of Korean language, history and culture while building an educational network.
We are further contributing to instilling a sense of national identity and bettering overseas Koreans' understanding of Korea by providing support to Korean language schools in China, Russia and CIS for enhanced learning environments.

Foster “Saturday Korean School”

OKF assists “Korean Language School” voluntarily established by overseas Korean communities, provides various tailor-made educational Programs for “Korean Language School”
  • Aids operating expenses for “Korean Language School”
  • Tailored-made supports for Korean Language School
  • Operates “Study Korean”
  • Provides educational materials
  • Intensive Korean language camp for future-generation Koreans

Train teachers of "Saturday Korean School“

OKF provides programs that will enhance professional skills for teachers and offers training sessions.
  • Provides training programs in Korea for teachers of “Saturday Korean School”
  • Provides invitational workshop for the teachers
  • Implements online training programs for teachers (supports diploma-granting or non-diploma-grating curriculums to earn certificate to teach Korean).

Foster ethnic education

With the aim of improving ethnic education, the OKF supports educational materials and conducts invitational workshops for future generations and teachers at Korean schools in China and Koreans in the CIS region.
  • Provides educational materials
  • Invites and provides training sessions for teachers in Korean-Chinese schools
  • Provides invitational training sessions for Korean teachers in the CIS region
2021 – Intensive Korean education for overseas Koreans (virtual)

2021 – Intensive Korean education for overseas Koreans (virtual)

2021 – Korean school teacher training (virtual)

2021 – Korean school teacher training (virtual)

Study Korean website

Study Korean website