Policies for Overseas Koreans

Establishment and implementation of policies for Overseas Koreans
  • The Overseas Koreans Policy Committee under the Prime Minister's Office establishes a basic direction of policies for overseas Koreans and deliberates and adjusts various support policies. Governmental ministries including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education conduct work related to their duties based on relevant acts. The Overseas Koreans Foundation, a public institution affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is involved in exchanges with overseas Koreans, survey and research into overseas Korean communities, and educational, cultural, and PR projects for overseas Koreans.

  • Current Government Scheme for Overseas Koreans
    Prime Minister
    Relevant ministries
    (i.e. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)
    Overseas Koreans Policy Committee
    • Working Committee on Policies for Overseas Koreans
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    (Office of Overseas Koreans and Consular Affairs)
    • Overseas Koreans Foundation
    Establishment and implementation of policies for Overseas Koreans
    Classification Tasks
    Primary ministry Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fostering of and support for overseas Koreans, protection of overseas Koreans involved in overseas accidents/incidents, notarization and authentication of consular documents, passport, visa, etc.
    Relevant ministries Ministry of Justice Legal status of overseas Koreans, nationality, foreigner policies, and immigration/sojourn in Korea
    Ministry of Education Educational support for Overseas Korean
    Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Cultural, art, and sports exchanges
    Ministry of Unification Education and PR regarding unification policies
    Ministry of Employment and Labor Foreign workers, support for overseas employment, and labor management of Korean enterprises running business abroad
    Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Invitation of and exchange with persons involved in the Korean independence movement
Direction of policies for overseas Koreans
Strengthening of solidarity between overseas Korean communities and their mother country and realization of mutual development
Fostering of ethnic identity and support for competence building
Vitalization of global ethnic network
Support for neglected overseas Koreans
  • Expansion of support for fostering of overseas Koreans’ ethnic identity and competence building
    • Continuously expanding the projects for fostering overseas Koreans’ ethnic identity through support for Hangeul/Korean schools, scholarship programs for next-generation overseas Koreans, and training/exchanges

  • Vitalization of global ethnic network
    • Vitalizing overseas Koreans’ communities all over the world by developing and helping their society and uniting their competences by inviting overseas Koreans from all over the world and holding a large-scale overseas Koreans event every year

    • Utilizing overseas Koreans’ global competences through the World Korean Business Convention, Korean Business Youth Internship, etc., creating business opportunities for Korean companies, and helping young Koreans’ entry into the global market

  • Strengthening of support for neglected overseas Koreans
    • Strengthening support policies for neglected overseas Koreans such as Koreans adopted abroad, children with Korean nationality from Vietnam, and stateless Koreans in the CIS / Establishing a mid and long-term foundation for neglected overseas Koreans